Why I’m Going to Guatemala

by Jorge Rivera

I’m honoured to be co-leading the LWB service trip in Guatemala this year.  Both my parents are from Guatemala and so are our ancestors.  My parents, although meeting in Canada, both came with the intentions of raising a family.  They taught me the importance of hard work, making good use of my time and not forgetting about our family back home.   I feel it in my pulse to give back and share all the skills that I’m so fortunate to have.  I’m enthralled by this unique opportunity to connect my love of reading and thirst for learning with something that runs so deeply in my heart.  I hope you all consider applying to be part of this unforgettable experience.


 “A chance to share your skills to support a long-term transformative cause.”

What inspired me to lead the LWB project in Guatemala this year?

Many reasons!  It was difficult trimming it down, but below are my top 3 reasons.

Sharing our Skills.

The LWB project in Asturias is a real opportunity to share our skills professionally.  Many of us work or go to school in resource rich environments and with organizations that have a long standing emphasis on learning, professional development and innovation.   Our professional working environments have fuelled growth in our abilities and skills.  Supporting library and teaching staff at MA Asturias Academy, is a chance to build capacity and share ideas and skills with library and teaching staff who operate in environments that are not as fortunate as our own.

I Love Libraries.

I believe libraries have mastered the art of sharing.  We pool and organize resources and make them accessible to the communities we serve.  Then we develop sound policies and systems to ensure these resources are distributed fairly and equitably.  This brings communities together and supports learning and literacy.

The Experience.

Volunteering for LWB is a learning experience.  It’s about immersing yourself in a new culture, learning about library building activities that support critical education, absorbing the beauty of the Guatemalan culture, and learning from peers.  There’s something very special about working with a committed group of librarians that believe in social justice and understand the long-term benefits of building good libraries.  This trip will not only change the community we serve, it will also change you.

To apply: Submit a completed volunteer application to servicetrip2017@lwb-online.org by February 13.

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