LWB is excited to announce that we are working with Libraries Across Africa (LAA), a non-profit with its roots at Rice University. LAA’s vision is to work with communities to build libraries that provide customized digital and print content, with services localized to the community’s needs.

Our LWB team offers complementary expertise to skills already in place in order to shape their library model, its pilot implementation in Ghana, and its future implementation in other African communities.

Our Contributions

Students in Accra, November 2011

Our work is both conceptual and practical. We’ll evaluate aspects of their proposed library model, potentially augment the model, and then provide recommendations for their pilot library in Accra, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2012.

We’re also facilitating dialogue between LAA  and Ghanaian librarians.  The Ghana Library Association tabled this initiative at its Fall 2011 meeting for introduction and discussion, and we expect to continue nurturing discussion and collaboration between all of our groups.

Our Team

Our first team of student and professional librarians have initiated investigations intended to test and augment LAA’s ideas.  The team page will introduce our people and their areas of research, while our news page will feature short articles written by them.

One student team member, Whitney Spencer, is leading the way in positioning this LWB work curricularly through a reading course at Dalhousie University. We thank Dalhousie, and in particular Dr. Louise Spiteri, for this support.

Artist's Rendering of an LAA Library

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