LWB-Ghana Team

Meet Our Ghana Team

Melanie Sellar,  Program Manager

Erika Heesen, Program Communications

Research Group

Whitney Spencer: Library space use and design

Erika Heesen & Melanie Sellar: Accra community analysis and electronic resources development

Amanda Oliver & Emily McHugh: Supporting a culture of reading

Rebecca Ross: Emerging forms of e-collection development

Consulting Team Members

Katie Plocheck, Director of Research & Marketing, Librii

Supporting Institutions

Both the University of Ottawa and Dalhousie University have supported LWB student research work on the Ghana initiative through reading courses mentored by faculty. Special thanks to Dr. Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie, School of Information Management), Dr. Lynne Bowker (Ottawa, School of Information Studies), and Tony Horava (Ottawa, School of Information Studies) for supporting this form of international, experiential learning focused on real community projects.


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