Library Day at Asturias Academy

IMG_9511The Librarians Without Borders team finished up two days full of mermaids, ninjas, constellations and global exploration! The theme for this years Library Day was Discovering Dewey. In this two day program the children were introduced to three subjects of the Dewey Decimal system through educational activities and fun crafts. This year was the third Library Day program for LWB and it has functioned as a way to instill a sense of fun into learning. The Library Day team aimed to introduce students to a common classification system as well as spark their interest in discovering more subjects in their own library.

The youngest children participated in three interactive stations – 500s Astronomy and Constellations, 300s Ninjas and Fairytales and the 900s Geography, while the oldest children participated in a creative story and puppet theatre activity The students were able to interact with the LWB team to learn about different constellations and their stories, how to locate fairytales in their library and also different cultures in the world. The students were able to discover the Dewey Decimal System on a small scale and we hope that this connected their interests in exploring their library for more subjects.

IMG_9518500s Astronomy and Constellations

At this station students learned about what astronomy entails by focusing on the solar system. Students used books from each planet to place themselves in the correct order around the sun and then shared something about each planet from their books. After this the students learned about different constellations and the stories that go along with them. Lastly for their craft they created their own telescope using printed out constellations attached to the end.

IMG_9281300s Ninjas and Fairytales

This station introduced the 300s by focusing on fairytales and ninjas. The students talked about different classic fairytales they may have known and then created clothespin mermaids and pipe cleaner ninjas.

IMG_9558900s Geography

For the geography station students were able to learn about different countries and choose different places they would like to visit and why. In this station they began by looking through various continent books and travel magazines to discover and learn about different cultures around the world. Once students were interested in a destination they used stickers, cutouts and flags to paste onto a giant map. After two days the map was a beautiful sight of future places and destinations the students wanted to visit someday.

IMG_9556Mad-Libs and Puppet Theatre

The oldest students created a fairytale through a fill-in-the-blank activity choosing various parts of speech. After they completed their story they created cut out characters to re-enact their story through a shadow puppet theatre. The youngest children were even able to enjoy this performance

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