Lending Library Project at Miguel Angel Asturias Academy

By Carmen Ho

Since the opening of the Asturias library in January 2011,  Jorge Chojolán’s dream has been to share the school’s library collection with his community. In response, one of Librarians Without Borders’ yearlong projects focuses on establishing a lending library process for the school.

The Lending Library Project strives to provide free access to information resources to the Asturias Academy students, their families and to the wider community. It will provide continued access to reading materials for students and their families to engage in reading activities at home and after school hours in order to foster strong literacy skills and a love for reading among the next future generations of Guatemalans.

During the 2012 service trip in May, the Project Team met with the 2012 LWB stipend Asturias Librarian, Nicholas Newlin, to discuss the lending library project. After conducting research and testing many open source Integrated Library Systems (ILS), one was selected by Nicholas and the Project Team in September 2012. Since then, training manuals have been produced in English and Spanish to train students, volunteers, teachers and librarians on the new ILS.

The Project Team will begin the training process during this service trip. The training modules will focus on training students, volunteers, teachers and librarians on the ILS, which includes the joint use of library management systems BookCat and LibraryThing. Alongside this training, we will further our conversation with the Asturias Director on developing a circulation manual to support the lending of items in the library in the near future.

For the 2013 service trip, the Lending Library Project Team aims to accomplish the following:

  • Catalogue all library items and conduct a full inventory of Asturias Library’s collection to ensure that all materials on the shelves will be searchable via the Integrated Library System
  • Install and provide training and support on ILS equipment: barcode scanner, printer, laptop
  • Provide training to students, teachers, and librarians on the Integrated Library System
  • Determine and articulate the best practices for the lending process

Stay tuned for updates from the Lending Library Project Team as we work diligently to accomplish these project goals in the next two weeks!

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