Field Notes: Visiting Piedra Santa

by Erica Younglove

Saturday – our first full day in Guatemala – we got to visit and tour Piedra Santa, a publishing house and bookstore, in their new facility. Piedra Santa has been in their new building for about eight months. They employ 100 employees, 35 who work in their offices. They are able to publish a book from start to finish, with a facility that includes machines that cut paper, bind and glue books, and print in multiple colors of ink, and a bookstore.


Piedra Santa’s new space also includes office space, garage, and a two-floor warehouse.  They sell and publish local Guatemalan authors, and are working  on getting the rights to translate foreign materials into Spanish. This includes math workbooks requested by local teachers, as well as printing custom orders for local businesses.

Our LWB team also purchased books to take with us to donate to Asturias, and were very happy to support a local Guatemalan publisher.

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