Collection Team Update: 200 (and counting) books for Asturias

By Lindsay Hall and Dana Young

After a wonderful welcome from the children and staff, the collection team got to work on unpacking the 200 books that the LWB team brought with us in our luggage. We had a chance to poke through the library and get familiar with Asturias Academy’s collection. The library is located on the top floor of the school, giving it a quiet refuge. Visitors take off their shoes to help make sure the carpet stays clean. Even with the limitations of the collection it’s clear that the space is well-maintained and well-loved.

We purchased titles from Piedra Santa Publishing in Guatemala City with donations from Librarians Without Borders, community groups, and individual contributions earlier in the week. Those books would arrive later. In the meantime, we had plenty to do organizing the books that we brought with us. There were books that any school librarian would recognize: Ciudades de Papel (Cities of Paper), Harold y el Lápiz Color Morado (Harold and the Purple Crayon), and El Capitán Calzonzillos (Captain Underpants). Asturias Academy Librarian Señora Dorita reviewed the donations and commented “que lindos todos estos libros, ahora tendré que dormir en la biblioteca para tener tiempo de leerlos todos.” Some of the titles, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (or Diario de Greg) and The Giving Tree seem to be as popular with young readers here as they are back home.

We spent most of the day working out our process. It took some time to understand the system Sra. Dorita set up for her students. It’s important to make sure that each book is housed in the appropriate section in order to best serve the students and help maintain an organized library. We did some careful organizing and reviewing to make sure we were on the right track. We got a start on the cataloging and processing of the donated titles. It should be a productive week.

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