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Thank you for a great year!

Thank you for making 2015 such a great year! It was our tenth anniversary, and we accomplished a lot thanks to you – and all of our supporters and members!

This was our fifth year partnering with the Asturias Academy in Guatemala. During this year’s service trip, we taught the students all about the library with an action-packed Library Day, brought books and catalogued materials in the library, and introduced new professional development for teachers.

Jasmin, one of this year’s trip participants, speaks about what she took away from the trip:

We also began a new partnership with Limitless Horizons Ixil in Chajul, Guatemala, and helped automate some of their work in order to free up the librarians for more individual support of community members.

We’re looking forward to making 2016 one of our best years yet! Thank you from all of us here at LWB.

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Auryn Continues Support of Librarians Without Borders to Nurture Children’s Literacy

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Crystal Patriarche, SparksPR Agency


Auryn Inc. Continues Support of Librarians Without Borders to Nurture Children’s Literacy Around the Globe

For every app sold, Auryn donates $1 to Librarians Without Borders

Los Angeles, Calif. – April 2012 – Auryn Inc. is teaming up with Librarians Without Borders (LWB) for a second year as the premier sponsor during their service project in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. LWB has been supporting the Asturias Academy school library there since 2009. While LWB is in Quetzaltenango from May 3rd-13th, Auryn will donate $1, for every app sold, towards LWB’s mission, which is to improve access to information resources in developing regions regardless of language, geography, or religion.

Auryn is a premiere digital publisher focused on creating award-winning, interactive children’s stories for the iPad and other tablet devices in multiple languages for children across the globe. The company collaborates with authors, illustrators and publishers to turn their stories into educational, engaging and entertaining experiences.

With a growing number of incredible, award-winning apps in multiple languages to choose from, Auryn is fast becoming a leader in the app space. This premier sponsorship gives Auryn customers the opportunity to help with a great cause while also getting to enjoy the subtle beauty of Auryn’s storybook apps. In turn, Auryn is able to help LWB develop its work in regions where libraries are unavailable or under resourced, and to partner with LWB’s librarians who, as advocates for young readers, can familiarize themselves with new technologies for exposing young readers to children’s literature.

“We are very happy to support the Librarians Without Borders mission again this year as we share the same goals – to kindle a love of reading in children around the world,” said Umesh Shukla, Founder and CCO of Auryn. “Supporting a great organization like Librarians Without Borders is something we’re passionate about.”

“I’m extremely pleased that Auryn recognizes the value of the work that Librarians Without Borders is doing with the Guatemalan library at the Asturias School,” said Melanie Sellar of LWB. “We’re grateful for their renewed sponsorship which allows us to continue to do this important work. But this is not surprising given Auryn’s mission to foster the love of reading in a new generation of children.”

For those who wish to follow LWB’s work in real-time via the trip blog or to donate to their mission, visit their website at Additional information can be found there on their other project in Ghana, Africa.

Some of Auryn’s raved-about storybook apps:

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers

A current Webby Award Nominee, a USA Today Top 5 amazing kids book app and an Appy Award finalist, Van Gogh and the Sunflowers is an Auryn platform app that’s rich in watercolor illustrations and revolutionary in digital storytelling. The app is designed to appeal to both the right and left side of a child’s brain. On one hand it invites children to understand the magic behind motion created by gear-driven mechanics, and on the other, it lets children make the moving character their own by allowing them color with various tools. Van Gogh and the Sunflowers introduces children to one of the most famous artists of all time and his works. This app also incorporates numerous gaming elements and is available on iTunes at:

 Teddy’s Day & Teddy’s Night

These apps have been featured in numerous publications nationwide and received praise for innovation and interaction.  Teddy’s Day received the first-ever Appy Award. The stories are based on two beloved children’s books (What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day? What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Night?) and explores a day and night in the life of a child’s teddy bear. Both titles are available on iTunes at: and

The Little Mermaid

Based on the classic by Hans Christian Andersen and illustrated by Lizbeth Zwerger, this app is distinguished as the first ever underwater storybook. With ripples and sea creatures that guide readers from page to page, kids feel as if they are submersed underwater. The Little Mermaid also received a Starred Review from Kirkus Reviews and is available for download at:

Bunny Fun:  Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Based on the children’s song that children can sing along to in four languages, Bunny Fun features an original character by beloved author/illustrator Rosemary Wells. This app will get children dancing, singing and recording themselves as they learn another language. The scenery, language and costume changes as the bunny hops from America to France to Spain to Japan. This Parent’s Choice Award winner can be found on iTunes at:


About Auryn, Inc.

Founded by Academy award-winning visual effects experts from Hollywood’s top movie studios, Auryn Inc. is the most award-winning digital publisher of storybook and creative apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and other tablet devices. Uniting leading technologists and creative artists, Auryn‘s patented technology enables the company to produce ground-breaking interactive content for the new emerging tablet medium. Recognized by the Producers Guild of America and Variety magazine as the Digital 25 top innovator in Emerging Media and winner of more app awards than any other digital publisher, Auryn is paving the way in digital publishing and fast-becoming the leader in children’s storybook apps. For more on Auryn, visit and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest at:, and


About Librarians Without Borders
Librarians Without Borders (LWB) is an non-profit organization that strives to narrow the information divide worldwide by supporting libraries in developing regions. We collaborate with partner communities to identify their needs and then mobilize our volunteers — the core being student librarians — for in-the-field development. For more, visit

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One week left in our Stipend Fund Raising Campaign: help us reach our goal!

Only one week left in our Asturias Librarian Stipend fund raising campaign and less than $500 needed to help us reach our goal!

How can you help us out?

  • Make a donation online. A donation of $15 will pay the Librarian’s salary for a day.
  • Spread the word: share this post with your friends and followers online through twitter, facebook or your blog.

Why are we doing this?
With our financial support, Asturias will be able to fill the Librarian position for the school year, ensuring that the Library can remain open to students and staff. Get more information here.

Another Generous Donation: Ottawa Public Library’s Centennial Teen Advisory Group

Librarians without Borders has received a generous donation from one of the Ottawa Public Library’s (OPL) Teen Advisory Groups (TAG). Based out of OPL’s Centennial branch, this group of socially conscious teens raised $175 to help support the literacy needs of students a half a world away.

Being heavy users and supporters of the Library, TAG members realized how big a hole their own lives would have if they did not have a library. They wanted to help other teens experience their love of books and the sense of community a library brings. On November 19th/2011, Centennial TAG held a two hour bake sale with contributions from TAG members, Centennial staff, and generous Centennial branch customers. In that short period of time, their community supported TAG’s efforts by purchasing $175 worth of cookies, tarts, and cupcakes! OPL’s customers, being huge supporters of the Library, were eager to chip in.

The donation will be put towards the Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund.  The financial resources we gather will help bring a librarian to the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy Library in Xela, Guatemala. The presence of a full-time librarian will help the Academy supply the quality books and programming students need in order to learn.

On behalf of LWB and the Asturias Academy, thanks to the Centennial branch teens for reaching out! Special thanks to Andrea Gowing, the OPL staff member who facilitates the group.

Sponsor a Librarian: The Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund

Photo Credit: Sanghun Cho

Final group picture at AsturiasHasta luego y ¡Viajes buenos!Dividing up the teamsLibrary class for grade 1

Give the Gift of Literacy and Learning

Bring a Librarian to the Asturias Academy in Guatemala

100% of proceeds go to the Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund

$15 pays the Librarian’s salary for a day

$30 pays the Librarian’s salary for two days

$75 pays the Librarian’s salary for a week

$300 pays the Librarian’s salary for a month

Being able to borrow books from my school was something neither my parents or me had ever heard of, but it’s so great. My friends and I started a reading club, to help everyone pick out books.
– Alejandra , 4th grade student at the Asturias Academy

fundraiser ideas
Total fundraising goal: $3300.00 USD
Fundraising cut off date: May 1, 2012

More About the Asturias Librarian Stipend Project

Librarians Without Borders (LWB) is establishing the Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund: a financial resource that will help to bring a Librarian to the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy Library in Xela, Guatemala.

The Asturias Academy is committed to providing long term library support to staff and students within the school. This marks the first time Asturias will bring in a trained Librarian on a long term basis, providing a new opportunity to offer services, programs, and to train teachers, community members and students on library operations. This will greatly assist Asturias with achieving their mission and goals of building a sustainable community library in Xela.

LWB has partnered with the Asturias Academy since 2009 to support the Academy’s vision to build a Library in the school. This vision was realized in January 2011, when the Library finally opened its doors. In the next phase of the project LWB is committed to supporting the long term success of the library by financially supporting the implementation of a full-time librarian at the school. With our financial support, Asturias will be able to fill the Librarian position for the upcoming school year, ensuring that the Library can remain open to students and staff throughout the year.

By delivering library programming, curriculum support and library training sessions, Asturias hopes to foster strong literacy skills and a love of reading among its students, their families and patrons of the community. By combining this with a unique curriculum and pedagogy, it is able to create informed, critically thinking, socially conscious citizens that ultimately emerge as empowered and engaged leaders in their communities.


Most Guatemalans are restricted from getting a quality education, in part due to a severe lack of access to books and literacy materials. In a country where books are taxed beyond the reach of the 75% of the population who live in poverty, it is almost impossible to get low-income children excited about reading because they cannot get actual books in their hands. This year, Guatemalan public schools were only able to supply math books to 6th graders, leaving all other students without books to study.

Potential Long Term Impact

The Asturias Library will allow Asturias students, their families, and the communities access to books and internet resources, allowing the community, most of whom live off less than $3 a day, to lift themselves out of poverty and pursue higher education. Access to a library can cause a ripple effect in the community by fostering a life long love of reading and increase in literacy among the next generation of Guatemalans.

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