From 2011 – 2013 LWB funded a professional librarian to work at the Asturias Academy full time throughout the school year. This individual helped to train with local staff, implement reading programs and transition the Library to a fully operational lending model. 


LWB is working with Asturias to implement a library lending system for local students and staff.  This is a significant milestone for the Academy since many student do not have books at home.  We are implementing software to track and manage borrowing, defining a cataloging standard and training library staff to use and maintain the lending systems and equipment.

Implementing the lending system increases access to information resources for students, families and the wider community. It will provide opportunities for students and their families to engage in reading activities at home and after school hours, fostering strong literacy skills and a love of reading in the community.


Information literacy provides a bridge between the library and its users. For the Asturias community to take full advantage of the services offered by the library, programs need to be designed to help users navigate the resources, services, and the space. With that in mind, we aim to build students’ information literacy (IL) skills by creating programs for students and by providing materials for teachers to use in the classroom. We are creating a framework and presenting practical ideas on how information literacy skills —  beyond just basic literacy– can be embedded in the Asturias curriculum.


During LWB’s annual service trip, volunteers host a “Library Day” celebration for students and staff. This day includes fun activities, crafts and games.



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